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Svarog386 online repositories

This is an article from the Svarog386 tech base

Svarog386 can be kept up to date using online repositories, provided of course that your PC has internet connectivity. The online repositories are configured by default within the configuration file of FDNPKG, hence you shouldn't need to do anything else than making sure FDNPKG is installed on your system. Still, you might want to remove some of them from your configuration if you are not interested in some type of software. Here below you will find the exhaustive list of Svarog386 online repositories. These repositories are also present on every Svarog386 CD (unless you chose the "micro" version, which comes with core only). Contains all "core" packages. That is packages that provide the most basic functionality of the Svarog386 operating system (mimicing the functionality of MS-DOS). Development tools, compilers, assemblers, etc. Useful mostly to deveopers. Hardware-related drivers. Note that, most of the time, you should rather use the driver that came with your hardware instead. A variety of text and hex editors. Emulators and related programs. Simply games. Network-related programs. This includes only programs that would be useless if no networking connectivity is present: web browsers, gopher clients, downloaders etc. File archivers, like zip, arj, gzip, lzma... The list goes on and on. Sound utilities like sound editors, players, converters... Mostly system utilities, but also anything that didn't match any of the other categories.