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Svarog386 licensing

This is an article from the Svarog386 tech base

Svarog386 is a distribution made of many different software bricks, hence a single license can hardly be applied to all. However, the base system (that is Svarog's installer, bootable floppy image and all CORE packages) is carefully assembled from software that is "free" as in "Freedom", ie. that grants the 3 basic FOSS liberties (freedom to use, modify, and redistribute it). This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, software released under following licenses: GNU GPLv2, GNU GPLv3, BSD, MIT, EUPL and Public domain. Note that, while the above applies to the base of the Svarog386 distribution, it does not cover packages distributed through non-CORE repositores. Such extra software packages may or may not be FOSS, they are only guaranteed to be gratis for non-commercial use. Read more about that in the article "Packages inclusion rules".